The Dollhood Gang


From Left to Right: Kaya Arwen Emily Kiki Satsuki Terra Maria Ana Ella Meggie Harper Zia In front: Kira


Name: Maria (Ria)

Birthday: May 4

Age: 10

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite book: Mary Frances
Pets: none at the moment

Favorite thing to do: Sew, knit, read, and garden.

Maria is the twin of Ana. They are NOTHING alike. Think difference between a cat and a dog. Maria is the person who can knit and sew. Most of the time, Maria, or Ria, as we all call her, stays inside creating something. She also has strabismus along with a weaker immune system and tires easily. She usually stays inside watching those there.



Name: Ana (long story. When Mom got me, she was reading a book where ana meant golden, like my hair)

Birthday: May 4

Age: 10

Favorite Animal: Tie between dog and horse.

Favorite book: Just about anything, especially if it’s sciency

Pets: 2 dogs, Bucket and Trail. And a horse, Thunder

Favorite thing to do: Build stuff. I once made a lean to. Mom’s brothers destroyed it with a soccer ball. I also love to do computer stuff.

If  I was a demigod, my mom would be Athena. I’m the twin of Maria. Think of her as day and me as night. That’s how similar we are. I love being outside climbing trees or going on the occasional walk, while Maria loves to be inside with ac or the heat running. I also am dyslexia so audio books are a good friend of mine. I do want to learn how to code one day.


Name: Emily

Birthday: May 1

Age: 7

Favorite Animal: I love horses.

Favorite book: Anything I can read. I really love Encyclopedia Brown

Pets: I don’t have any, but I want a horse.

Favorite thing to do: Play with my toy horses or do something with Arwen or Satsuki

Kiki is my older sister, well everybody is older than me and considered my sister, but Kiki is the older sister I’m with most. Arwen is the younger sister I’m with the most and Satsuki is usually with us. I love to collect rocks and Terra gave me the necklace I’m wearing in the above picture. My favorite color is purple. I have a pink blanket and a purple scarf that I wear all the time. I have three toy horses. My favorite Disney princess is Rapunzel. Her hair is even longer than mine or Kaya’s!


Name: Kiki

Birthday: October 31

Age: 16

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite book: Anything with witches!!!

Pets: None, but I really, really want a black cat

Favorite thing to do: Working on different well, things, like teas, potions, and other things.

Most of my sisters consider me the mom of the family, along with Ria because she can make anything. I love to collect plants and make homemade remedies. I would like to be a healer someday.


Name: Meggie

Birthday: April 1

Age: 11

Favorite Animal: dog

Favorite book: Fantasy. All of us like to read.

Pets: Trail, a dog who is not smart enough to figure out that when we call her name she should come.

Favorite thing to do: Climb trees, make mischief.

My twin and I look different, but we are as similar as 2 fields of corn. We both like to climb trees (the only one of us who doesn’t is Maria and she has acrophobia.) Both of us cause trouble and sometimes end up falling, usually me. I hate dresses, but I will wear shoes, sometimes. Ella and I sometimes go biking, usually she makes me pedal our bike.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Updated picture coming

Name: Ella

Birthday: April 1

Age: 11

Favorite Animal: dog

Favorite book: Fantasy. All of us like to read.

Pets: dog named Trail

Favorite thing to do: Just about anything that can involve some danger.

I’m Meggie’s twin. A little more about us. I basically have the same preferences except I like dresses and can rarely be found wearing shoes. My hair is slightly better than Meggie’s hair (Think broomstick wise), but Mom has been curling it and that helps. I’m a lot shorter then the rest of the girls. Most people can think that Meggie is a little vexing, but she really isn’t. When you hear people talking about us, they describe me as the “perfect child” and Meggie well not that until I “accidentally” spill a bunch of water on them, or Meggie and I lead a short sheeting attack on their beds. Oh the fun of vengeance. We also have matching necklaces like Ana and Ria.


Name: Kaya

Birthday: June 1

Age: 16

Favorite Animal: Just about anything

Favorite book: Anything. I love reading about pre-colonial times. I also like to read adventure books

Pets: A bird who follows me around, a horse, Steps High, Steps High’s colt Sparks Flying, a canine/dog thing named Tatlo, and a sheepdog named Rowan 

Favorite thing to do: Be outside, be on a horse explore anything as long as I can be outside.

I love climbing trees. Arwen and  I love going on  morning runs, even though she usually beats me. I love dogs and all creatures and have been riding horses since I was little. I taught Ana how to ride. Terra gave me my necklace. Books and some crafting I also enjoy. I HATE uncomfortably shoes. I like to craft. We all agree that my hair is the worst, it’s so bad that mom doesn’t even mess with it, that’s why it’s always in a braid.


Name: Harper

Birthday: August 2

Age: 16

Favorite Animal: Most things

Favorite book: Just about anything, usually fantasy and mainly fairy tales I’m also the person who likes the English books that you read in school

Pets:  None

Favorite thing to do: Rock Climb, Yoga, Read

I like to rock climb and do yoga, also drink tea. Go figure. I’m one of the few of us that likes to have their hair down. I share a bunk with Zia who sleeps on the bottom because she’s also afraid of heights. I also have a dream catcher that Terra gave me. I do enjoy to write but not as much as some others. I do prefer writing about certain topics like how we overuse the word thank you.


Name: Terra

Birthday: November 5

Age: 16

Favorite Animal: Husky dog

Favorite book: Any scific, some dystopian books, most other things

Pets: One Husky named Astra

Favorite thing to do: Well I really like to experience different time periods

I have like 6 necklaces that I always wear. And I like to travel, usually to other places, but sometimes to other times. Look above. I used to do it much more before I settled down. Satsuki has one of the matching necklaces, I gave it to her so she could contact be. And my dog arrived here before me. I’m also the newest and one of the only people who don’t have more than one human in their bed, most of us have bunks or a trundle bed. Kaya sleeps in a cot and I have my wooden bed.


Name: Zia

Birthday: June 21

Age: 16

Favorite Animal: Three toed sloth, margay cat, turtles

Favorite book: Mostly non fiction, usually about animals

Pets:  Three-toed sloth named Einstein and a Margay Cat named Sultan

Favorite thing to do: Research, hike, photography

I was born in Brazil and used to live there until I moved here. Terra gave me my two pets, I don’t know why except she said something about them being from the future and needing a home or being from the past and needing rescuing, I don’t know. I love photography and usually am taking pictures. Ana laughs because I have more cameras than Mom. I love to go to the zoo. It’s awesome.


Name: Kira

Birthday: October 39

Age: 1

Favorite Animal: Birds

Favorite book: Any story that Harper tells her

Pets:  none

Favorite thing to do: saying Bird, looking at things, watching people, playing with toys

Kira is our youngest sister that lives with us. Irony is that she is actually in human years older than just about all of us. Maybe not Ana. She’s obsessed with birds and sometimes seems like she knows more about what’s going on than the rest of us, it’s scary.


Name: Arwen

Birthday: July 6

Age: 8

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite book: lady and the Tramp, Anything with dogs that don’t die, the Hobbit

Pets: 3 dogs, all rescue dogs. They are Olive who never leaves my side, Napoleon and Lafayette

Favorite thing to do: Run, draw, arty things, Hang out with Emily and Satsuki

I’m the only person who likes to run in this family. Sadly I’m too young to be on my own so Kaya comes with me. I also don’t have running shoes so I go barefoot. I love elves and want an elf costume. Zia is teaching me to play the guitar, she learned from sitting around a campfire, so maybe I should find someone else. my dog Olive never leaves me. My other dogs are named after the dogs in the Astrocats. Napoleon is the older dog while Lafayette is the puppy.


Name: Satsuki

Birthday: March 3

Age: 3

Favorite Animal: Pandas

Favorite book: Fairy Tales

Pets:  None

Favorite thing to do: Color, play with her dolls

Satsuki loves pandas, she loves going to the zoo with Zia because  there are red pandas there even though her favorites are the Giant Pandas. She also likes elephants and all Disney movies. Her favorite princess is Mulan or Anna or Moana or Elsa. She doesn’t really like the older princesses. She also likes orange juice , she hates apple juice. Satsuki is named after a character from My Neighbor Tortoro. Satsuki likes to curl up with blankets, she has the most on her bed. She also has the Sesame Street coloring pages which she loves. She also likes to make necklaces out of beads.


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