D.C. Final Day

Today started out with my dad and I going and getting our Reader Identification Cards from the Library of Congress to look at some books. Sadly “On the Origin of Species….” was being digitized so I couldn’t look at it. We ended up looking at the book that Isaac Newton wrote. And then we went to the library at the Air and Space Museum to see the book that my dad wanted. Then it was back at the Natural History museum, dinner then walking around some of the monuments.


I forget the type of fish, but it was big. Ana is only 16 inches tall and this fish was much bigger.


This art exhibit was made of things found in the ocean, plastic containers and fishing nets.


This was a cradle and above it is  a ceremonial pipe, I think.


This is Ana standing in front of an exhibit on beads.


Another exhibit, the things in the far right is natural made of glass, the creature that made it collects the silica which forms the glass.


And now we enter the pictures from the bottom of the Washington Monument. This is the Capital building


More capital building


So the moon was this really pretty orange color and I tried to get a picture.


This is from the Jefferson Monument


One of the many helicopters that kept flying by, I tried to get a picture of it.


More Washington Monument, this time with a different shutter speed.




And again


The final one.

So I didn’t take pictures of everything, especially in the Natural History Museum. We went through the Human Origins exhibit which from my perspective was very interesting, I’m a huge bio nerd/genetics and the evolutionary history was very interesting to me. The ocean, gem, and some of the skeleton exhibits were also very interesting and I highly recommend this museum. The air and space museum was interesting, more so to my dad and brothers because they’re into military history/planes. There are several gardens around the area and which are all highly interesting and pretty. The botanical gardens are absolutely beautiful and I recommend going to them, especially because there are several benches to sit on. So yeah, in twenty-four hours I get to sleep on an actual bed instead of an air mattress.


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