Sasha Festival last day and D.C. First Day

The last day of the sasha festival mainly involved helper tickets, thank yous, and goodbyes. I brought my camera down to get a picture of the girls and then forgot. Oops. We then left the hotel where the festival was and went to the hotel in in D.C. And walked around there. We went to the national museum of American History and the castle. I had Ana and Kira with me and when you go into the museums you have to get your bags searched. When we went into the castle the guy there was a little more than really surprised. I did manage to get some pictures of Ana and Kira in the various museums.


Ana standing in front of part of Memorial for Sherman


Ana in front of an older car


Ana standing on a box of mold coins in one of the exhibits.


There were some interactive parts of the exhibits. One of them involved turntables. Here Kira is trying her hand on one of them.


And here is Ana standing next to a picture holder that my mom made me


And finally here is Ana and Kira standing on top of fancy light bulbs?

More museums and other things tomorrow!!!!!


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