Sasha Festival Day 1 Part 2

After coming back and getting more sleep, we went to the gift exchange. I got a two really cute outfits, one for Sasha and one for Gregor (the male equivalent of Sasha). The Green dress with the hat was a gift from a person at the festival.IMG_4618IMG_4617IMG_4621
After lunch there were expert tables. There were five different tables where people talked about different topics. The topics were restringing dolls, rerooting, curling hair, vintage fabrics, and studio dolls. I took some pictures, not that many but here they are. Note: I did not get to the studio doll table so there are no pictures from that.



The person who did the rerooting made her tool by taking a doll needle and a pair of hemostats and using those to just stab through it. She also didn’t use glue or anything to hold the hair in place which was interesting.

Restring: Note: My mom took a lot more notes about restring than I did, I’m just the photographer. I’ll have her add her notes later, she’s sleeping right now.


Sasha baby in pieces


Different view of the still in pieces Sasha Baby


To get the elastic through the legs because the leg elastic is connected to the head elastic (think of a triangle) she put strings on the elastic. The arm elastic is on a different elastic.


Vintage Fabrics: Note: not many pictures here


These were pretty shoes on the table that I liked.


To make the curls the person took pipecleaners, cut them in half and then folded the halves in half, wet the hair, put the pipecleaner in and rolled it. She also says that when doing blond hair to use tissue paper in between the hair and pipecleaner to prevent rust stains. Once all of the hair is done she dips it in almost boiling water to set the curls.


Wrapping the hair


An example of the hair on a doll with a longer hair


another example. This one looks like one of my brothers.


More Hair wrapping

Dress a Sasha: I don’t remember who won, but here should be most of the entries.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Children’s fund Auction: Here are the items that were donated for the Auction. Again in a slideshow because this post is long enough.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a doll dressed up as Harry Potter which I was allowed to get pictures of.




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