Well, senior year has started and for me that means taking Ap Chemistry, applying for colleges, and swimming (it never stops!). I have been able to get in some doll time, for instance making mini solar eclipse glasses for dolls, and taking them to the place where we went to see totality. And my mom used the official logo to put onto shirts and a bag for the dolls. Zia has decided to talk about the day.


Zia here, doll on the right. Mom took me and Terra to see the solar eclipse. Before totality, we spent time reading or just staring at the sun.


Terra let our cousin, Maisy, look through her glasses at one point.


Here we are in the car, showing off the new shirts and bags that my grandma made (Maisy’s mom).

I also finished the custom doll that you saw being rerooted! And I finished her outfit which was interesting to make because it was the first time that I’ve drafted my own patterns. And then I went and took pictures outside.


Well that’s all for now and probably awhile because school and swim and other random stuff that most likely is going to appear.


D.C. Final Day

Today started out with my dad and I going and getting our Reader Identification Cards from the Library of Congress to look at some books. Sadly “On the Origin of Species….” was being digitized so I couldn’t look at it. We ended up looking at the book that Isaac Newton wrote. And then we went to the library at the Air and Space Museum to see the book that my dad wanted. Then it was back at the Natural History museum, dinner then walking around some of the monuments.


I forget the type of fish, but it was big. Ana is only 16 inches tall and this fish was much bigger.


This art exhibit was made of things found in the ocean, plastic containers and fishing nets.


This was a cradle and above it is  a ceremonial pipe, I think.


This is Ana standing in front of an exhibit on beads.


Another exhibit, the things in the far right is natural made of glass, the creature that made it collects the silica which forms the glass.


And now we enter the pictures from the bottom of the Washington Monument. This is the Capital building


More capital building


So the moon was this really pretty orange color and I tried to get a picture.


This is from the Jefferson Monument


One of the many helicopters that kept flying by, I tried to get a picture of it.


More Washington Monument, this time with a different shutter speed.




And again


The final one.

So I didn’t take pictures of everything, especially in the Natural History Museum. We went through the Human Origins exhibit which from my perspective was very interesting, I’m a huge bio nerd/genetics and the evolutionary history was very interesting to me. The ocean, gem, and some of the skeleton exhibits were also very interesting and I highly recommend this museum. The air and space museum was interesting, more so to my dad and brothers because they’re into military history/planes. There are several gardens around the area and which are all highly interesting and pretty. The botanical gardens are absolutely beautiful and I recommend going to them, especially because there are several benches to sit on. So yeah, in twenty-four hours I get to sleep on an actual bed instead of an air mattress.

D.C. Day 1.5

Today was fun. We went to one of the libraries of congress and nerdy me is going back in the morning to hopefully look at “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” by Charles Darwin. After the library we went to the National Air and Space Museum where my mom and me left my brothers and father and went to the Natural History Museum. And then back to the hotel.

And the Pictures begin…..


Ana standing in the Jefferson part of the Library of Congress


Ana standing by the Shakespeare part of the original Jefferson Library


Ana standing in front of the USS Enterprise. (I’ve been watching the original series as I write these posts) 


Ana in front of some drones, some of her favorites.


Ana standing with the Wright Brothers. (One girl thought that Ana was their daughter) 


Kira looking at a stature of the Hare riding the Tortoise in one of the sculpture gardens.


Ana sitting in front of a Triceratops (I think) skeleton


And standing by some bronze statues


Meteorite (I think)




Wavy rock


There was a rock that had a giant hole from water dripping (I think) and it said you could put your arm in to see how long it was.




Amethyst (maybe)



And that’s all from today.

Sasha Festival last day and D.C. First Day

The last day of the sasha festival mainly involved helper tickets, thank yous, and goodbyes. I brought my camera down to get a picture of the girls and then forgot. Oops. We then left the hotel where the festival was and went to the hotel in in D.C. And walked around there. We went to the national museum of American History and the castle. I had Ana and Kira with me and when you go into the museums you have to get your bags searched. When we went into the castle the guy there was a little more than really surprised. I did manage to get some pictures of Ana and Kira in the various museums.


Ana standing in front of part of Memorial for Sherman


Ana in front of an older car


Ana standing on a box of mold coins in one of the exhibits.


There were some interactive parts of the exhibits. One of them involved turntables. Here Kira is trying her hand on one of them.


And here is Ana standing next to a picture holder that my mom made me


And finally here is Ana and Kira standing on top of fancy light bulbs?

More museums and other things tomorrow!!!!!

Sasha Festival Day 2

Today started out with breakfast then sales tables. The girls left excited…..IMG_4625

And came back exhausted. Except for Kira who is playing with a barn that was one of the purchases.


After having a lunch on our own, we had crafts. Pictures will come of the crafts later.

After crafts was dinner. Some babies were getting into mischief. IMG_4646

And then started a wonderful presentation on this one collectors knitting. She did an amazing job and her work is beautiful.

There are three dolls for the raffles, a baby, a toddler, and a sasha.


The baby


The toddler, which my mom and I put our tickets in for.


After the long day, the girls got ready for bed, Kira already asleep. Tomorrow is the last day of the Festival, then my family is going to DC and doing touristy stuff.IMG_4705

Sasha Festival Day 1 Part 2

After coming back and getting more sleep, we went to the gift exchange. I got a two really cute outfits, one for Sasha and one for Gregor (the male equivalent of Sasha). The Green dress with the hat was a gift from a person at the festival.IMG_4618IMG_4617IMG_4621
After lunch there were expert tables. There were five different tables where people talked about different topics. The topics were restringing dolls, rerooting, curling hair, vintage fabrics, and studio dolls. I took some pictures, not that many but here they are. Note: I did not get to the studio doll table so there are no pictures from that.



The person who did the rerooting made her tool by taking a doll needle and a pair of hemostats and using those to just stab through it. She also didn’t use glue or anything to hold the hair in place which was interesting.

Restring: Note: My mom took a lot more notes about restring than I did, I’m just the photographer. I’ll have her add her notes later, she’s sleeping right now.


Sasha baby in pieces


Different view of the still in pieces Sasha Baby


To get the elastic through the legs because the leg elastic is connected to the head elastic (think of a triangle) she put strings on the elastic. The arm elastic is on a different elastic.


Vintage Fabrics: Note: not many pictures here


These were pretty shoes on the table that I liked.


To make the curls the person took pipecleaners, cut them in half and then folded the halves in half, wet the hair, put the pipecleaner in and rolled it. She also says that when doing blond hair to use tissue paper in between the hair and pipecleaner to prevent rust stains. Once all of the hair is done she dips it in almost boiling water to set the curls.


Wrapping the hair


An example of the hair on a doll with a longer hair


another example. This one looks like one of my brothers.


More Hair wrapping

Dress a Sasha: I don’t remember who won, but here should be most of the entries.

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Children’s fund Auction: Here are the items that were donated for the Auction. Again in a slideshow because this post is long enough.

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There was a doll dressed up as Harry Potter which I was allowed to get pictures of.